Incredible facts about Jupiter | The BIGGEST planet in Solar system

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Giant, & Gassy: That’s how I would describe Jupiter in two words. However, the enormity of this planet can not be contained in two words. Being the fifth and biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter has 2.5 times more mass than all of the other planets combined, that’s a lot of gas. Jupiter resides in the jovian part of our solar system and consists mostly of hydrogen, but helium also makes up a quarter of the planet. Although Jupiter is enormous and gigantic, all of its mass combined is less than 1000th if compared with Sun. Jupiter is mysterious, but humanity,s curiosity has solved some of these mysteries through research. Here are 5 mysterious facts about Jupiter:

The great RED spot

The great Red spot as seen above is an anticyclonic storm, and one of the biggest on any planet in the solar system. Hurling in the atmosphere of the planet, producing wind speeds up to 432 K/m. The size of this storm is so gigantic that it is estimated to be larger than Earth. Although the RED spot is being observed by astronomers for centuries, the research shows that it is actually shrinking. In earlier observations the spot was so big that It was almost equal to tree earth size planet. Don’t worry it is still gigantic and the biggest storm found in our solar system, and you can observe it too.

Rings of Jupiter

Believe it or not, Jupiter with all of its might also possesses a faint ring system orbiting it. They are the third ring system found in the solar system after Saturn’s and Uranus’s. The rings consist of three segments Halo, The main Ring, & Gossamer rings. Halo is the closest ring to Jupiter, The main ring also has 2 moons orbiting the Jovian body and they are responsible for most of the dust in that ring. The rings of Jupiter are very faint and not easily observable.

Saviour of Earth

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