German Numbers: Learn-To Count 1-100 In German

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Learning German Numbers are not that difficult, you can learn numbers german easily if you give them a proper one or two hours. You can first start learning counting in german from 1 to 10 because that will help you out till 100 or more. Lets see German Numbers 1- 10:

German Numbers 1- 10

Zero (0) in German is Null,
One (1) in German is Eins,
Two (2) in German is Zwei
Three (3) in German is Drei
Four (4) in German is Vier
Five (5) in German is Fünf
Six (6) in German is Sechs
Seven (7) in German is Sieben
Eight (8) in German is Acht
Nine (9) in German is Neun
Ten (10) in German is Zehn
German Numbers 1-10

German Numbers Pronunciation:

Counting in GermanPronunciation
One is Einsi-ns
Two is Zweitswhy
Three is Dreidry
Four is VierFear
Five is FünfFunf
Six is Sechszeks
Seven is SiebenSeeban
Eight is AchtAckt
Nine is NeunNoun
Ten is ZehnZehan
German Numbers 1-10 Pronunciation

German Numbers 11-20

Eleven (11) in German is Elf,
Twelve (12) in German is Zwölf
Thirteen (13) in German is Dreizehn
Fourteen (z4) in German is Vierzehn
Fifteen (15) in German is Fünfzehn
Sixteen (16) in German is Sechszehn
Seventeen (17) in German is Siebzehn
Eighteen (18) in German is Achtzehn
Nineteen (19) in German is Neunzehn
Twenty (20) in German is Zwanzig
German Numbers 11-20

As far as German Counting from 0 – 20 is concerned you can see a repetition in each and every Number.

From 13 till 19 you will you will notice that first it is same as 3 till 9 in German, but after that there is zehn that shows number 10. For Example we choose 17, in English it is written as Seventeen means Seven as of our number 7 and teen to show that it is Tenth Digit, Similarly in German 17 is Siebzehn, Sieb that shows number 7 and zehn means 10

Note: Elf is pronounced same as of English Elf, zwölf is pronounced as Zulf

German Numbers 20-30:

Twenty one (21) in German is Einundzwanzig,
Twenty Two (22) in German is Zweiundzwanzig,
Twenty Three (23) in German is Dreiundzwanzig,
Twenty Four (24) in German is Vierundzwanzig,
Twenty Five (25) in German is Fünfundzwanzig,
Twenty Six (26) in German is Sechsundzwanzig,
Twenty Seven (27) in German is Siebundzwanzig,
Twenty Eight (28) in German is Achtundzwanzig,
Twenty Nine (29) in German is Neunundzwanzig,
Thirty (30) in German is Dreizig

You can see a pattern in German counting. It is now opposite of our English Counting. Lets take a example so that you can know How can you easily learn German Counting fast, Twenty Four in German is Vierundzwanzig, you have to first write the last number that is four in english and Vier in German then write “und” which means “and” in German, and after that write the specific number here in this case it is twenty in English and Zwanzig in German. So we will say 24 in German Vierundzwanzig,


Pronunciation of “Zig” is “Zish“.

DO NOT ADD SPACES BETWEEN THEM it is Vierundzwanzig, not vier und zwanzig

This goes same from 21 till 100. Have a look on the table below to learn German counting 1 till 100

[table id=1 /]

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