How to get Adsense Approval in 2022?

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Approval of Adsense might seems a difficult task. You might think that adsense wants a millions of views on your website, and adsense wants your website to be aged around 1 to 2 years. This is not the case for your approval on Adsense. Or even if you are facing an issue for not getting approval this is the right place for you.

Requirements For Adsense Approval:

1. Blog’s Quality:

Blog quality matters for Google Adsense, as Google Adsense is the most reputable Ads Providing Platform. No doubt Adsense see numbers but along that it also checks your blog’s quality before showing Ads. What Adsense does is, the team crawls your website, checks your SEO (How to do SEO for your Website [Click Here] ).

2. Blog’s Length:

This is also the part of blog’s quality but categorizing it into a different heading is because length of each blog matters. Every blog must be atleast 1000+ words, with proper paragraphs, headings, backlinks (How to create backlinks [Click Here] ).

3. Main Pages:

For adsense approval these pages are required for every blog. These pages are Terms and Conditions Page, Privacy Policy Page, Contact Us Page. You can create these pages automatically using our free Tools,

  1. Privacy Policy Generator Tool
  2. Terms and Conditions Tool

4. Things required in your Blog:

Things that are requirements that must be included in your website are:

  1. Navigation Bar,
  2. Favicon
  3. Footer
  4. Useful Links
  5. Contact Us Page
  6. Terms and Conditions Page
  7. Privacy Policy Page

5. What to take care of:

These are the points which you must look after before clicking the submit button. DO NOT COPY CONTENT. Do remember Google watch everything, Google Crawls each and every blog post. Copyrighted content can lead you to legal charges and google might also not approve your website for showing ads.