Gol gappy to Pakoray, the best evening snacks in Karachi

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Karachites are pretty lucky when it comes to food. The flavours, the taste, and the varieties that the people of Karachi enjoy are mesmerizing. The streets of Karachi have filled with stalls offering all kinds of delicious cuisines. Among all of these appealing and tempting offerings. Karachi also serves some of the richest, savoury, and exquisite snacks. The relationship of Karachi with its snacks is very firm. Snacks are consumed as a daily deal. People typically consume these snacks in the evening time but also at any other time when the craving is strong. Some of the most famous and commonly consumed snacks are as under:

1). Samosa

A typically triangular-shaped pastry filled with scrumptious filling and deep-fried on medium-high heat. The filling is prepared with different combinations of desi spices combined with Potato, Minced Beef or, Chicken. Served with Chutney or Ketchup.

2). Pakoray

Pakoray are widely consumed all over south Asia. Made with a Batter of gram flour, and spices and mixed with onions. Pakoray are also prepared with Spinach, eggplant, green pepper, etc.

3). Mix Channa Chaat

Sweet, sour and spicy that’s a perfect way to describe this delicacy. A fusion of different chutney(sauces), raita, chick-peas, etc. So yum and tempting you won’t get enough of them.

4). Fruit Chaat

Basically fruit salad with a dash of chat masala. It is rarely found on streets, but prepared in homes and enjoyed in summers and Ramadan.

5). Gol gappy

Probably the spiciest, sour, and tempting item on this list. Gol-gappay is also known as panipuri and has many other names in South Asia. In Karachi, it is the most commonly found snack in almost every Bazar(Market). They are also available in sweet variant but nothing could beat the sour and spicy flavours of this delicacy in my opinion.

6). Dahi baray

Dahi Baray are more commonly consumed in Ramadan month. But loved the whole year. Basically made with yoghurt and gram flour with chaat masala and chutney on top.

7). Bhel puri

Bhel puri is kind of a chaat. It is a combination of vegetables, sev, puffed rice and imli ki chutney(Tamarind sauce). A sweet and sour and savoury treat to enjoy.

8). Jalebi

Jalebi are the sweetest, most yummy, and full of flavours. Jalebi is prepared by deep-frying yoghurt and flour batter on high flames and dipping them in sugar syrup for the luscious flavour.

9). Spring Roll

Commonly consumed all over Asia. Spring Rolls are filled with flavours and are found in vegetables, chicken, and beef. They are very rich and savoury with a lot of flavours infused.

(This is an evolving list, more items will be added soon)

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