Pakistani foods that you must try once in your lifetime

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Pakistan is a very culturally diverse country. Consists of many ethnicities, cultures, and geographically diverse areas. You may find snowy mountains, deserts, canyons, and jungles with very divergent climates. This also affects the people living in different parts of the country which can be seen in the foods that people usually consume. But there are some foods that the whole country enjoys no matter where you are from. These foods are considered as most delicious among the masses. You will end up loving the following foods and you must try them once in your lifetime.

1). Biryani

Biryani is the most popular food that you will find in Pakistan. From Karachi to Lahore, and beyond everyone loves biryani. Aromatic rice cooked with Desi spices, and rich meats give biryani an amazing taste that the enthusiasm for biryani in Pakistan is insane. Biryani is a part of almost every social gathering. Whether, it is a Wedding, Eid, Birthday, or any other event. The chances of finding biryani at any such social event are pretty huge.

2). Halwa puri chaat

Typically known as Halwa puri, or Chholay Bhatooray. A traditional, and very famous breakfast. Loved, and craved by many. Puri is prepared by frying it in a giant wok filled with hot cooking oil. And served with sweet Halwa and Channa( chickpeas) chaat, and Allu( potato ) tarkari. 

3). Karahi

Karahi is prepared with the meat of your choice( typically chicken, mutton, or beef) combined with tomato gravy, and fiery spices. And cooked in a wok on raging fire of coal, or gas.

4). Chicken Tikka

A quarter chicken piece of thigh or chest. Seasoned with fiery Desi spices, and cooked on coal barbecue. Isn’t it just mouthwatering ( Mu main pani aya???).

5). Haleem

A mixture of barley, meat, lentils, and other flavourful spices. Haleem is a traditional, and wholesome food. It is served in many religious, gatherings and part of lunch and dinner among desis.

6). Nihari

Nihari is considered one of the most loved dish among desis. It is mainly served in Lunch, and  Dinner, but also consumed in breakfast by many. Slow-cooked meat, mainly shank meat of beef or lamb and mutton, goat meat and chicken. 

7). Chappli kebab

Belongs to KPK province, but loved all over Pakistan. Chappli, or chappal kebab is a rich and flavourful, feast prepared with mince( beef, lamb, or goat), tomatoes, and other spices combined together in a patty shaped kebab. And fried on high flames in Hot sizzling oil.

8). Seekh kebab

Image by abdul majeed from Pixabay

Seekh kebabs are prepared with minced beef, mutton or, chicken. Seasoned with sizzling desi seasoning, and cooked on coal Barbecue. Typically offered in dinner, but many prefer it as a snack. Served with Puri Paratha, raita, and Chatni. A juicy, and flavourful delicacy loved all over Pakistan.

(This is an ongoing evolving list, stay tuned for further additions)

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