Food culture of Karachi | A brief summary

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Karachi the city of lights, and some amazing cuisines. The food of Karachi consist of some amazing delicacies. From Biryani, Pulao, Tikkay, Karahi, Qorma, Kebab to Daal Chawal, Bhujia, Khichidi, Parathy. The streets are also filled with snacks such as Anday Wala burger, Chaat, Gol-Gappay, Samosay, Pakoray, and whatnot. Karachi also serves sweet dishes such as Kheer, Rabri, Ras-malai, Doodh Dulari, Lab-e-Shereen, Gajar ka Halwa, Gulaab Jamun, Cham Cham (So yum yum), and many others. These lists can go on in all categories with many other options. The food of Karachi is diverse and full of delicious delights for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.  

As Karachi is the Economic Hub of Pakistan, it’s also is the most culturally diverse city in Pakistan. Also known as a Mini-Pakistan with people living from almost every province in Karachi. Ethnicities such as Punjabi, Baloch, Pathan, Memons, Siraiki and people from interior Sindh, etc live in Karachi for the purposes being Jobs, Businesses, etc. This much diversity creates a collision of experiences between people which has lead to the creation of an absolutely distinctive, but exquisite taste in the food of Karachi. 

This image contains Daal Chawal,served with Pappar, Achar, & Shami Kebab.

You may find people having Daal-Chawal with condiments such as Shami kebab, Achar, Raita, and salad. Just to enjoy Daal-Chawal and to enhance its flavours. This shows that the food of Karachi is influenced by many other local Pakistani cultures. Whether it is Halwa puri from Punjab, Dumba karahi from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rabri from Sindh, Sajji from Balochistan or Biryani from Hyderabad(India). Although Karachi has embraced the diversity of taste in each respective cuisine, it has also added some unique flavours in each. The streets of Karachi serves all of these and many other delicious cuisines infused with the flavours of Karachi.

Western culture also has a great influence on Karachi’s cuisine. From Burgers joints, Pizzeria, to steak house and fancy restaurants. People of Karachi love to devour western delicacies with utmost prestige. International fast-food chain such as KFC had opened their doors in 1997 at Gulshan-e-Iqbal for the first time in Karachi. Other International chains being McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway, Baskin-Robins, etc are also serving in Karachi successfully for many years.

Two Beef Burgers served with Pizza fries at Burger o clock

Foreign chains and restaurants have also inspired Local investors which have led to the creation of some of the very successful local fast-food joints such as BURGER LAB, Burger O’Clock, Broadway, etc These places serve Burgers, Fried Chicken, Pizza, fries and other cuisines with all their glory. Moreover, it doesn’t stop here. These restaurants serve, but not limited to foreign flavours. For instance, You may find pepperoni pizza or Italian pizza here, but you will also find Malai Boti pizza or Chicken Tikka Pizza on their menu. The fusion of desi cuisines and the influence of western food is the true spirit of the food of Karachi. In Addition to its fancy restaurants, Karachi also offers very delectable, and tempting Street food. Bun Kabab, Samosay, Chicken Tikkay, Pani puri, Chaat, Halwa Puri, Finger fish, Parathy, Falooda, Malai boti, Dudh patti. All of these and more appetizing cuisines are offered in various stalls, on roadside Dhabas on the streets of Karachi. 

Karachi has some great adventures to offer. From its beaches to its City life. It is an evolving city with its blessings and problems. It is a city that gives and inspires. But one the greatest adventure is its food. So whenever you visit this part of the world



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