Best local fast food places in Karachi

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Karachi is a city of diverse culture and tempting food. From Biryani, Karahi to Chaat, Samosay. The city of lights has some of the most amazing range of local dishes from all over Pakistan. In addition, the streets of Karachi also serve very heavy, cheesy, and heavenly fast food. International chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut are operating in the city of lights for more than 20 years. When launched, these chains introduced a unique taste, and flavor of western culture in the foods of Karachi. Nowadays the food culture of Karachi has a very strong place for fast food. Local chains have been established and have developed their own brand and unique flavors in Burgers, Pizzas, and fries. These outlets have grabbed a big chunk of the industry giving tough competition to international brands and continuing to do so. Some of the best local fast food places in Karachi are as under:


1). Burger lab

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With 11 outlets in Karachi, and 16 all over Pakistan. Burger Lab is one of the largest fast-food brand in Pakistan. Started by Two friends Khizer and Taha, Burger lab like its name was started:


 “With just a thought in mind to deliver with creativity and the taste Burger Lovers crave, We started with a simple take away outlet at Kh-e-Rahat”.

Burger Lab Serves an appetizing menu ranges from Beef burgers, Chicken Burgers, Fried Chicken, and French fries. 


2). Burger O clock

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Burger O Clock has a wide range of Burgers and fries. Operating in 4 outlets in Karachi. Burger O clock aims to:

 “Welcome to the home of delicious gourmet burgers. Burger O’Clock is a modern restaurant that exists to delight passionate burger lovers. Walk in and place your order and sit back and relax and soak in our attractive ambiance as you wait for your order to be prepared.”

With a very inviting ambiance and appealing menu. Burger O clock is the place to be to have delicious fun.



3). Broadway pizza



Named after famous Broadway in New York. Broadway pizza serves the cheesiest and creamiest pizzas in town. Having 19 outlets just in Karachi. Broadway Pizza has both Dine-in, take out and home delivery options available. Their Menu ranges from premium flavors such as Tarzan Tikka, Wicked Blend, Dancing Fajita, Arabic ranch, and many more.


4). California Pizza

California Pizza has a very wide range in its menu with Pizzas, Calzones, Cakes, salads, and appetizers. California pizza serves a combination of western and desi flavors. Having diverse varieties such as Seekh kebab, Tikka, Fajita, Ranch, and many more in pizza. California pizza is about range and diversity in flavor


“With a wide variety of flavors and heavenly delicious taste. California Pizza has been satisfying the pizza cravings of Karachiites & Lahori’s since April 2012.”

(This is an evolving list, more places will be added soon)

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