5 Best Halwa Puri breakfast places in Karachi

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Halwa Puri is probably the most loved and consumed breakfast in Pakistan. From Khyber to Karachi people crave and fancy this morning feast. It is also considered a must-have by many to start their day. As Karachi is considered the most culturally diverse city of Pakistan, it also homes some of the yummiest Halwa Puri eateries. But among these eateries, some are considered to be known by almost every Karachite. Some of the famous Halwa Puri places in kara chi are:

1). Dhamthal Sweets, Bakers, and Nimco

(Image Source: Dhamthal)
Located near Ayesha manzil, Dhamthal Sweets serves a very yummy combo of Channa Salan, Allu chaat, Puri, & Halwa with Achar and Raita on the side. Servings Start very early in the morning till noon. You can either take away your breakfast for home or enjoy it with your friends and family on the roadside benches. Dhamthal is famous for its amazing taste, and very affordable prices.

2). Tooso

Established in 1976, Tooso serves some amazing menu items at its 2 branches. Halwa puri is one of the speciality that is served there. So if you are around bahadurabad check this famous place out.

3). Dilpasand Sweets, Bakers & Nimkoz

Dilpasand to Karachites is the home when it comes to sweets. With 3 branches around the city it is probably one of the most famous sweet shop in town. Halwa puri there is very awesome and enjoyed by thousands by many through delivery, takeaway or dine-in.

4). Nasir Sweets & Bakers – Water Pump

Near main Water-pump Federal.b area, Nasir sweet serves the most amazing nashta in the morning and also evening. So if you are not a morning person than don’t worry. Nasir Sweets got you covered

5). Quetta Alamgir Hotel

This one is probably is more famous for its lachha paratha and Doodh patti. But the people of bahadurabad, and neighbouring areas surely enjoy the delicious Halwa Puri there.
(This is an ongoing list, more restaurants will be added soon)

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