Famous Biryani Restaurants in Karachi

Biryani in south Asia is a delicacy loved by almost all the population of this region, and even people living beyond. According to historians, Biryani was firstly served in the time of Mughals in India. This delicacy is prepared with long slender-grained aromatic Basmati rice, combined with tender, and flavourful meats of your choice between Beef, Mutton, chicken, or even fish, and infused in Desi spices like garam masala, dhania powder, chili powder, turmeric, etc. Biryani is truly craved by all the South Asians around the globe. It is a rich and delightful experience for everybody, every time. The enthusiasm for biryani in Pakistan is insane. Biryani is a part of almost every social gathering. Whether, it is a Wedding, Eid, Birthday, or any other event. The chances of finding biryani at any such social event are pretty huge. But in Pakistan, Karachi is considered as the capital of Biryani. The richness, flavors, variety, and diversity that you’ll find in the streets of Karachi are unparalleled anywhere else in Pakistan. The following list consists of some of the most famous Biryani places loved by Karachites.

1). Student Biryani

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Founded in 1969 By Haji Mohammad Ali, Student Biryani is a brand name now. But it all started in a small eatery in Saddar Bazar named Cafè student with home-cooked biryani, some other dishes. The secret is consistency in taste and affordability for every class. Which makes Student biryani one of the biggest food brands in Pakistan, and also available in some foreign countries. You may find different variants( chicken, and beef ), and sizes range from a single plate to a family bucket. A single plate chicken biryani costs Rs. 180 with many other deals available. Student biryani now serves a diverse menu from BBQ to fast food, but biryani is the signature item for which they became a huge success.

2). Madni Biryani

( Image source: Facebook/ Syed Hammad Ali Bukhari)
Located in the vicinity of Buffer Zone, this place is known by almost every Karachite. It serves a typical taste of caldron ( Degh ) cooked Biryani with rich flavor and consistency in taste. Available in two variants of Beef, & chicken, and combined with potato. A very affordable place to satisfy your cravings. 

3). Ghousia Nalli biryani

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A unique concept where bone marrow is served with biryani. Although it is not a traditional way of eating biryani. But recently it became a huge success ( Thanks to YouTube and other online Reviews). Located in Liaquatabad. A single serving may cost between Rs.200-300 range.

4). Farhan Biryani

One of the most talked-about Biryani restaurants online by many YouTubers and reviewers. Farhan Biryani serves a very exquisite taste with affordability. So if you ever find yourself in the Johar Chowrangi area, and your biryani cravings are out of control. Farhan biryani is the place you go.
(This is an evolving list, stay tuned for further additions)

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