10 Best Burger places in Karachi | Burger-e-Karachi

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Karachi loves food, the city is filled with delicious experiences. The city of lights offers vibrant culture and is accepting of outside flavors. Karachi is known for its spicy desi foods and street food culture; Nali Biryani, Shinwari Karahi, Chaat, and Gol gappy are great examples of it. Fast food is also infused, into the city’s fast-paced life, especially burgers.

Burgers are easy, juicy, saucy, and full of flavors. Surely Mcdonald’s and KFC are major players all over the world for this delicacy and Karachi is no exception. However, in the past few years, some new restaurants have also joined the party, and believe me the kind of variations being offered are just astounding. Burgers of Karachi are the stuff of dreams. Insufsion of juicy, tender meat with melted cheese and rich sauces is mind-boggling. It’s safe to say that Burger-e-Karachi will not let you down unless they are humans :P. Following are some places that have been picked up recently for their unique take and varying menu.

Burger O Clock

Review: Burger O Clock is one of those comfy places with a very casual ambiance. The menu is fitting for all types of burger lovers. They serve some high-quality Chicken and Beef burgers with many variations. Burger O clock’s Belt buster and fiery gigantic are my favorites. They also have a wide range of Loaded fries, wings, and also peri bites to keep your taste buds wanting something different. Burger O clock has many locations around the including lucky one Mall.

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: ( )

Burger Lab

Review: Burger Lab offers the classic beef smash burger in a wide range of flavors. Khizar and Taha started Burger LAB and now operating in more than 32 locations in 9 cities in Pakistan. Their restaurant presents a very inviting ambiance and an appealing menu. Lab’s Nuker, Quadra, and animal fries are highlights for me. They also offer some of the best shakes to go with their scrumptious meals.
Rating: 4.5/5
Location: ( )

Oh my Grill

Review: Oh My Grill is considered the best in K-rown. Their burgers are classic American burgers and also appetizers are so yummy. They have many branches in Karachi including Gulshan, DHA, Bahadurabad, etc. Oh My Grill offers a very cozy ambiance for its customers with rich flavourful burgers
Rating: 4.3/5
Location: ( )

Cafe Bistrovia

Review: One of my personal favorite places to have a get-together, and meet n greet with friends. The place is small and cozy and offers some of the yummiest beef and chicken burgers. Their burgers are very heavily loaded, rich in flavors, and fully loaded to stuff your belly full. They also offer loaded fries, wings, and drinks to go with their heavenly burgers.
Rating: 4.8/5
Location: ( )

Bon Bistro

Bon bistro has the heaviest whoppers in my opinion both in Beef and Chicken in this list. Their prices are also reasonable if compared with the quantity that they offer. They operate in Gulshan with two other branches in the city. It’s much recommended and a super fun experience to try at least once.
Rating: 4.4/5
Location: ( )

Bovi chic

Big thick burgers


Aussie Burger Company

The Sauce Burger Cafe

Note: More restaurants will be added soon.

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