Deadpool 3 Announced by Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine

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Actor Ryan Reynold dropped a cryptic video on Wednesday on his Youtube channel confirming the release of Deadpool 3 with Hugh jackman returning as WOLVERINE.

In a funny video, Ryan Reynolds announced in his usual manner that his superhero character Deadpool is set to make a comeback in Marvel cinematic universe in Deadpool 3. Hugh Jackman also made an appearance in the video confirming his return in his iconic avatar as WOLVERINE.

Reynolds expressed his disappointment for not attending the D23 expo earlier in September. Last we saw the adamantium-clawed hero in LOGAN released in 2017 where he apparently Died.

In a response video, Reynolds and Jackman also clarified that Wolverine’s death in the 2017 release LOGAN is a separate thing and they are not gonna touch on that. It must be said that however, they are planning to approach the script/ story, but we are gonna watch a lot of fun stuff in the coming days prior to the release of the movie.

It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds when it hit the cinema screens on 09,06,2024.

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