6 Skills to start your career as an online freelancer

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With the increasing technological advancement, and availability of free skills to learn. You can add many skills to your resume to make it look more attractive as a freelancer. As freelancing is now becoming a full-time job for many individuals. As the compensation is as rewarding as a regular job. In addition to that, you work from the comfort of your home. There are many skills that you can learn to work as a freelancer (Depending on your preference). However, the following are some skillsets for you to get started as a freelancer.

1). Photo Editing

This is a very vast field with a range of tasks like (color grading, image manipulation, background changing, etc.) photo editing or graphic designing can be learned through a number of software including Photoshop, lightroom, and CorelDRAW). These software can be learned easily through YouTube tutorials for free from Peter mckinnonGfx mentor etc.

2). Video editing.

Video editing is also a very high in-demand skill online. Many brands and individuals want their videos to be edited professionally with minimum cost. That’s why freelancers are in high demand as their cost is low as compared to Professional Studios, but their work is as delectable. You can learn editing on software like Adobe Premiere pro, or Final Cut Pro and many more. You can either learn online or professionally through a college.

3). Content writing.

If you have good writing skills. Pursue this field asap as people are always looking for freelancers to write content for them. For example (speeches, College assignments, Resume writing, Product reviews, etc.) You can learn writing through online courses on udemyskillshare etc.

4). Digital marketing.

As Internet has become a very important medium of Information and content consumption. Many branches are setting up their online stores, Many are launching their brands as only online stores to sell their goods and services). So, if you have a passion for marketing, and you are a social media enthusiast. Then you are living in the right Era. You just need to set up your own online presence on every social media, market yourself, and brands will be attracted to hire you.

5). Coding

This is the most difficult skill in this list, but also one of the most rewarding. There are millions of apps available on Google Play, and there is App Store as well, and more than 1 billion websites. All of these platforms require programmers with great skills and a passion for coding. Work for them because, some of them cannot afford to have a dedicated department for coding, while some outsource their work for diversity on their platforms. You can learn coding either as a career through college degree programs or start short courses online( edxskillshareudemy, etc).

6). Search Engine Optimisation.

As many websites, blogs, and other platforms publish loads of content every day. This content has reached the users organically through search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is the main tool of digital marketing and an easy, but the profitable skill to learn.  You can develop this skill through tutorials of Neil Patel, or from other online platforms.

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