10 Earning tips for students in Pakistan

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If you are a student in Pakistan. Then you must have thought at least once, How to earn as a student in Pakistan? If you were looking for some ideas online then you are in the right place. Here you can learn some ways to make extra bucks to support your day-to-day tasks(Pocket Money), and even your education. As many students in Pakistan support their education by earning themselves. You can too start making money while still in college/ University. Here are the 10 ideas that a student can use to earn in Pakistan.

1. T-shirt business.

Being the 8th largest textile exporter in Asia. The Pakistani clothing market is always a good sector for investment. As a student, you can start a trendy t-shirt business in your College/ University. You just need to be up to date with recent trends. Like the recent rise in comic book characters T-shirts etc.

2. E-commerce.

With the rising trend of online shopping stores. E-Commerce is on the verge of becoming a very large market in Pakistan. You can sell many products on platforms like Daraz.Pk, or, etc. From Books to Clothing anything can be sold online nowadays. You just need to set up an online store. With the right marketing & quality products, you can become our self-sufficient Entrepreneur.

3. Work as a freelancer.

If you have a skill that you can sell online then you are in the right place at the right time. As the recent trends show Pakistani freelancing industry is thriving. You just need to develop your skills enough so that you earn well. You can start freelancing by creating attractive online profiles on Upwork of fiver etc. You can earn as much as on any regular job by just freelancing.

4. Work in data entry.

Businesses are always looking for people to put their paper data into their computer systems to be updated. This may not be the most rewarding job, but it gives you some professional exposure. This comes to be known as an easy job. As you will be required to put data from paper to computer software(mostly).

5. Start a blog.

You can also start a blog if you are passionate about any Niche. If and can come up with many articles on that Niche, then blogging is the right choice for you. You can earn by placing ads on your blog. However, you will need to be consistent, and relevant to your niche, and also build an audience before you can start earning through blogging.

6. Become a social media manager for other brands.

7. Become a tutor.

 It is a very common form of the profession for many students in Pakistan. Many students support their whole education by giving home tuition. Giving tuition will not only help you earn, but it will also help you revise your own basic concepts once again.

8. Participate in online Surveys.

If you search online. You will be surprised by seeing that there are many websites offering paid surveys. Where you can easily signup & earn a good amount of money, and sometimes offers, and coupons.

9. Drive a cab on online cab services.

Working on online cab services has become the main source of income for many individuals in Pakistan. Students are also working on these services to support their education. It is a very good platform to work for supporting your studies.

10. Make YouTube tutorials.

Nowadays people always look for tutorials or methods online to improve their own skills. YouTube is a place where you can teach from cooking to sowing all in one place by making tutorials. if you have a talent, and you can illustrate your skills on camera then YouTube is the right place for you and you can earn by placing ads in your videos or by marketing other products.

Remember, no matter what path you choose you to need to be consistent in your efforts and be patient. For instance, if you start blogging you need to have thousands of visitors per day before you can start earning a handsome amount of money. Similar to blogging. YouTube, freelancing, E-Commerce, etc. will also need consistency and patience. You just need to be on the right track and don’t give up.

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