How to Easily Become a Responsible Citizen in 7 Simple Steps

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To the citizens of the world if you are reading this article. Congratulations, you are already crossed halfway to becoming a responsible citizen of the world. It means that you care enough to look for ways to be the best version of yourself. Nobody is perfect, but we can try to be more compassionate. In this piece, I am gonna discuss very generic concepts from basic hygiene to planting a tree. I hope and believe that only a simple act of kindness and a little effort can change the world and make it a great planet to live on.

Plat a Tree

A very easy starting point for anyone who wants to become responsible and give back to society is to plant a tree. A tree gives shadows, wood, fruits, and oxygen. Trees also provide food for animals and shelter and protection for birds. Trees are very easy to maintain, and a plant may need daily watering and soil replenishment. But once it has turned into a Tree, it becomes self-sufficient. Trees also reduce the effects of flooding which is most important as climate change is causing great floods in many countries.

A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” - Loven Patents & Trademarks.


Recycling is easy to do and doesn’t take much effort. It creates a great impact as resources are in cycles and can last longer. You can simply start by sorting your garbage into Plastics, foods, Electronics, and non-recyclables. These small steps by you will create a great impact as resources on our planet will last longer and future generations will flourish. We should be responsible enough to reduce our plastic use and recycle the ones that we must use.

Give to charity

One Basic rule of life should be to Learn, Earn, & Return. Giving back to people in need is essential. It can be anything from 1 dollar to Millions, it’s the thought that counts. We may not realize but a lot of people in our surroundings have a very hard time to make the ends meet. A small act of kindness from you can bring smiles to their people.

Try to find these needy people in your surroundings and help them. Some may be too proud to accept your help, you can help them otherwise. Your small contribution may be everything that someone needs.

Share and care

A very basic thing that we should teach our children is to share. Sharing is not charity, but rather an act of compassion. Sharing can be of many kinds from sharing your lunch with your colleagues to sharing your bright thoughts. For me, the purpose of sharing is not charity, but having a sense of other people’s needs, and taking care of others. Honestly, no good deed goes unrewarded, just keep sharing and caring and it will come back to you.

Follow Traffic Rules

Overspeeding is not cool, all those stunts that you watch in movies such as Fast and furious and Need for speed are done by professionals. It’s better to be late than to never arrive, think about it. Yes, some rules may annoy you, but they are there to protect you. Believe in the system and save yourself and your money. It’s not only our responsibility but our duty to not let harm come our way and to anyone else’s way by our actions.


There are many organizations that are always looking for people to volunteer. Volunteering is very fulfilling, as you put in the effort and see people smile. You can volunteer at food shelters, community centers, religious places, etc. It’s one of the greatest joys of life to make someone happy and volunteering is one of these things. Remember every hand counts, and no effort is small.

Have empathy

The world may not be in the best shape right now. The past couple of years have been very hard on everyone and there is no exception. Whether it be a pandemic, Economic depression, wars, or anything else. People are anxious and depressed and all we can do is help each other and understand others’ pain(Have Empathy). You may not know what the other person sitting next to you must be going through. If you can not help then try to be understanding, and considerate.

I know all the above-mentioned points may be very childish and generic. However, they are a great way to start. We are living in this world together, and together we can make it a great place, for us and our future generations, we have to be better, more responsible, more giving, and kind.

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